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How do you guys feel about The Darkest Minds being made into a movie :)?

'Wayward Pines' Creator Tapped to Adapt 'Darkest Minds' (Exclusive) »


YES! I CAN FINALLY SHARE THIS NEWS!!!!!  Chad is wonderful and The Darkest Minds is in fantastic hands.  

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Together at last!


FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTERS ✿ vida, the darkest minds series

“Miss Vida,” Liam said, “Has anyone ever told you that you are positively the whipped cream on the sundae of life?”

She glared at him. “Anyone ever told you your head is shaped like a pencil?”


I didn’t even show you the coolest part!!! #intheafterlight


the darkest minds characters + name meanings


anonymous asked liam stewart or ruby daly

"I’m a monster, you know. I’m one of the dangerous ones."


It’s here! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!! Don’t miss the sneak preview of IN THE AFTERLIGHT at the end! #sparksrise

“Now, d a r l i n ’, I just had myself a little thought.”

“Did you?” I murmured, distracted by the way he reached up to run his thumb over my bottom lip.

“I did indeed. It being that you are seventeen and I’m eighteen, and we have every damn right to make out like t e e n a g e r s. Like normal, happy, crazy kids.”

He hooked two fingers over the waistband of my jeans and tugged me closer. I loved his voice when he lowered it like that. His accent broadened, warmed like summer air in the minutes before a thunderstorm. It was the full-on Stewart charm assault, and I was totally h e l p l e s s against it.

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the darkest minds meme » five characters [2/5] — Ruby Daly

         The truth was, when I looked at my reflection in the window, I couldn’t see any bit of the Ruby that had lived in a little white house at the end of a lane, honey sticking to her fingers and hair falling from her braids. And it made me feel empty in a way—like I had forgotten the words to my favorite song.